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The Advocacy Project is looking for Fellows for Peace.  First things first…what is the Advocacy Project?

“The Advocacy Project (AP) is a nongovernmental organization based in Washington, DC, with a field office in Kampala, Uganda. AP secured non-profit status in July 2001.

Our mission is to produce social change by helping marginalized communities claim their rights. This is done by partnering with advocates that represent these communities. We believe strongly that change is best achieved by those who are most directly affected.

AP engages partners directly through its fellowship program, which recruits graduate students from North America and Europe (Peace Fellows) to volunteer with AP’s partners. Most Peace Fellows will be deployed for three months to help their hosts to tell their story in a compelling manner – the first requirement of advocacy. The second phase of AP’s support involves helping partners to develop information tools. Finally, we help partners to develop campaigns, through fundraising and outreach.

By the end of this process, partners should be making inroads into the cause of disempowerment. This, to AP, is the start of social change. AP’s model of support for partners is explained in the following pages and in the section on services.”

…and what are Peace Fellows:

“AP helps community-based organizations to produce and disseminate information, and to build a constituency of support at home and internationally. The 2010 Peace Fellows will help to jump-start this process.

* Most work plans will be determined by the host organization, and finalized with the Fellow on arrival. Most 2010 Fellows will go to organizations that have worked with AP before and are familiar with our model. All Fellows will produce at least one specific and measurable output that can be used by the partner in their advocacy.

* About ten Fellows will work on longer-term campaigns that are being jointly implemented by their host and AP. These campaigns will all have their own set of pages on the AP site by end-May.

* AP outputs: In addition to their primary assignment, All Fellows should be prepared to: a) produce a regular illustrated blog; b) work on the host’s website (and track visits); c) manage the host’s partner page on the AP website, with the aim of attracting new visitors to the partner’s work; d) organize the host’s Flickr and YouTube libraries; e) introduce the partner to social networking (including the production of a Facebook page or equivalent); f) train the partner’s members in blogging and Twitter; g) produce one article for the local or online media, or a short research paper, for use by the partner.”

….and, who can be part of this interesting (but unpaid) project:

“This program is targeted at graduate students who have professional experience and are mid-way through a Masters program. Given the challenging nature of the fellowships, we do not generally recruit undergraduates. But exceptions may be made, and we encourage undergraduates to apply if they have an appropriate skill or interest.”

Check out the site to see the many different places where the peace fellows work.

IGBarb says:  “Let’s go fellows!”


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