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Peace Education Prize

Check it out:   The El Hibri Peace Education Prize :


To honor one peace educator annually with the El-Hibri Peace Education Prize in order to bring awareness of and to promote the expansion of the field of Peace Education.


The El-Hibri Peace Education Prize recognizes outstanding peace educators based in the United States by awarding $10,000 annually to an individual or organization making valuable contributions to peace education and social justice in the Middle East.


Recognize outstanding peace educators who demonstrate successful and innovative efforts to promote peace and social justice

Provide financial support for established and emerging peace educators to continue their work

Promote the importance of peace education globally by affirming efforts to integrate knowledge about and for peacemaking into curricula at all levels of education ”

You can even nominate somebody if you want to.  Just go here .  BTW, you will note that the first laureate was
Dr.Abdul Aziz Said.  He is one of the champions of peace and conflict studies at the university level, also a very close personal friend.  Check out his page at American University here.

I think the El Hibri prize is great, and they have, IMHO, been making some good choices for their laureates.  Also, quite frankly, this kind of award gives (much needed) prestige to Peace Studies, helps to raise its profile, attract attention from people who matter, etc…

IGBarb says:  “It’s all good!”


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