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Interesting, possibly hopeful, development

I just came across this story from The Washington Post:  “U.S. will undergo human rights scrutiny”.  Here are a few paragraphs to (hopefully) get you interested:

“Rolling out the State Department’s latest human rights report, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that, for the first time, the United States will submit itself to a process in which its record might be judged by some of the world’s worst human rights abusers.

‘Human rights are universal, but their experience is local. This is why we are committed to holding everyone to the same standard, including ourselves,’ Clinton said, referring to U.S. participation this fall in what’s called the “universal periodic review” process, run by the U.N. Human Rights Council.”

Though I am strictly non-partisan and try hard not to take positions on controversial issues, still I have to say that this is a very interesting development, and even if it doesn’t come completely to fruition (you never know) it is probably a “first”.  I would further and say that when “Great Powers” start to do this kind of thing, we can be guardedly optimistic that human rights are being taken (at least somewhat) more seriously in policy making circles.

The rest of the article explains that there are various “agendas” involved here, but that is, for better or worse, to be expected.  At the end of the day if the U.S. is moving (even if just a little, and perhaps slowly) towards more support for the international human rights regime, that has to be a good thing for peace over the longer run.

So…let’s watch and see what comes of this.


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