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An important “Alert”

I just came across the site of “International Alert” :

“International Alert is an independent peacebuilding organisation that works to lay the foundations for lasting peace and security in communities affected by violent conflict.
We work in over 20 countries and territories around the world, both directly with people affected by violent conflict as well as at government, EU and UN levels to shape both policy and practice in building sustainable peace.”

…and the About page tells us (among other things):

“Our regional work is based in the African Great Lakes, West Africa, the Caucasus, the Andean region of South America, and South Asia. At both regional and international levels, our thematic work focuses on the role of business, humanitarian aid and development, gender, security and postconflict reconstruction in the context of building peace.”

“Alert’s approach to peacebuilding is unique, combining high level advocacy with grass-roots engagement. Our work is guided by our Programming Framework which defines what we mean by peace and how we help people achieve it. ”

There is much more on the “About” page that merits your attention.

I was impressed by their training programs as well.

“The training of individuals, and capacity building of peacebuilding organisations, strengthens the field as a whole. The furthering of skills, knowledge and personal qualities of peacebuilding practitioners ensures that the right people are there at the right time in the right position.”

They seem to be very committed to this crucial area and their approach seems (at lest to me) to be creative and insightful.

NOTE:  If you read my last post, you will appreciate that International Alert includes Climate Change in their “Thematic Work” related to peace.


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