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Interesting course at the U. of Peace

Check it out:

“Technology and Peace: United Nations mandated University for Peace (UPEACE) Short Course

Course Description: The advent of new technologies has fundamentally changed the capacity for processing and exchanging information in the 21st century. NGOs, governments, and companies alike are just beginning to understand the potential that these tools and systems can have in analyzing and addressing a range of social problems. This dynamic one-week course will explore how technology is being used to transform conflicts, build more sophisticated statistical models, fight diseases, monitor elections, distribute food, design better economic development measures, and much more. It will also consider some of the key challenges related to access, implementation, scale, and evaluation that working with technology presents. The course is designed for professionals from both the private and public sectors to assist them in developing strategies and skills to benefit their organizations amid this rapidly evolving landscape. Participants can expect a hands-on and interactive learning environment with a variety of real world examples from organizations working in the field.

Dates: June 14-18, 2010.

Location: The UPEACE campus is situated on 600 acres of natural reserve in the mountains of Costa Rica. Imagine taking a course with a rain-forest out the window and dormant volcanoes in the distance!”

There is an enrollment form here.

…and a video here.

IGbarb says:   “Technology is there for the using.  Use it well!”


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