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If you were watching carefully, you would have noticed that I linked to IFM-SEI in my last post.  By the way, the initials stand for The International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International.  At first glance they seem to be doing some very interesting things:

“The International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International

The International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International is an international educational movement working to empower children and young people and fight for their rights.

We are an umbrella movement for children and youth-led organisations all over the world, educating on the basis of our values of equality, democracy, peace, co-operation and friendship.

Through our member organisations and the activities of our international, we aim to ensure children and young people are well informed about their rights and are empowered to ensure they are respected. To reach this goal, we organise a variety of activities including seminars and training courses, international camps, conferences and campaigns.”

“IFM-SEI has a long history of peace education and conflict resolution with children and young people.  We believe that peace is much more than the absence of war and we are committed to working with children and young people for a more peaceful future. We aim to educate children and young people about the causes of conflict in general as well as specific conflicts in the past and today.  We also work with our members to look at alternative approaches to conflicts and challenge the generally accepted view that war is the answer.

IFM-SEI has a tradition of training young people as peer mediators.  Mediation is an approach that can be applied to all kinds of conflicts and we firmly believe that creating an environment of shared responsibility for finding solutions to conflict can have an impact on society in general.”

There’s even a nice video about one of their activities:

IGBarb says: “Children as peer mediators?  Where were these people when I was getting beat up on the playground?”


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