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A very interesting kit

Check it out:  the U.S. Institute of Peace has launched something the call the Peacemaker’s Toolkit.

“In coordination with the United Nations Mediation Support Unit and in collaboration with a number of other mediation institutes and experts, USIP has developed a series of “best practices” handbooks on key aspects of mediation and peacemaking. The series is being designed for experienced mediation practitioners and negotiators, but will be a valuable resource for students and policymakers. Future handbooks include: Negotiating with Terrorists, Dealing with the Impact of an International Tribunal on a Peace Process; and Coordinating Track I and II Efforts.”

This is very interesting for a number of reasons.  First, there is  the simple fact that the more there is of this stuff (and the better the quality), the better off all peace workers (and implication, all of us) will be.  Second, this is a(nother) good indicator of what, for lack of a better term, I would call the “professionalization” of peace work.  Third, if you look at some of the titles and descriptions you will see that this material is pretty serious.  It reflects the fact that trying to deal with these situations is complicated, high pressure and requires increasingly sophisticated training and information.  This is all to the good, because folks…that is exactly the way it is.  Trying to make peace is not, as my Nigerian friends used to say “a day job”.  It’s long term, and  is resource and personal energy intensive.

IGbarb says:  “Kudos to the ISIP!”


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