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Peace Centre in South Asia

Craig Selizer passed on something about a new Peace Magazine at the South Asia Centre for Peace (SACP) , and that got me looking around the Centre’s site.  This looks like another very worthy initiative.

“South Asia Centre for Peace (SACP) is a non-government and not-for-profit organization based in Pakistan. While striving for peace in South Asia, SACP is working at the regional level through collaborations with likeminded individuals and organizations across the region. The organization aims to become not only a regional think-tank in the area of peace studies but also a centre on peace education and peace awareness through research and media campaigns. The key objectives of the centre are to:

build and work in collaboration with a network of peace organizations and individuals in South Asia;

develop an exclusive peace education curriculum for South Asia to eliminate all kinds of social evils such  as stereotypes, prejudices, violence against women, religious extremism etc. Special emphasis will be made to develop first of its kind curriculum on rural peacebuilding;

spread the message of de-nuclearization, disarmament and non-violence by lobbying against growing nuclearization, arms race and violence in the region;
facilitate further study on the conflict issues by bringing together diverse viewpoints and encourage creative thinking to enhance the peace process faced with impasse. The aim is to put forward a set of recommendations for policymaking at bilateral level and regional level through SAARC.
foster inter-faith and inter-cultural harmony through dialogues on inter-faith harmony and cultural exchange programmes;

engage with journalists from South Asia by offering training workshops on “peace journalism” because by acquiring necessary skills journalists have a potential to contribute to peace in South Asia;

and to

collaborate with extra-regional organizations and interested individuals to understand regional dynamics so as to contribute towards peacebuilding in South Asia.”

Note:  This organization is in Pakistan!

IGBarb says:  “Well done…this is where it starts!”


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  1. On behalf of SACP team, I thank you for commenting on our initiative, for your encouragement and support.

    Let us strive for peace in South Asia and beyond.

    With best wishes,
    Zahid Shahab Ahmed
    SACP- Executive Direcotr

    Comment by Zahid Shahab Ahmed | May 18, 2010 | Reply

  2. All the best Zahid. more power to you.



    Ramananda Sengupta
    Chief Editor

    Comment by ramananda sengupta | May 19, 2010 | Reply

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