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The Mursi

My wife was just watching a documentary on the Mursi tribe in Africa.  You can read something about them here (read down a bit).  They are apparently, known as a very warlike people.  And yet, even when they do their famous stick fighting (see video below), there is a very interesting aspect.  The fights (and there is very hard whacking going on, believe me) usually don’t last very long and are stopped by the one who is doing the best.  Why, you might wonder.  Well some suggest that the fights have in the past gotten out of hand and there have been serious casualties (see the Wikipedia article).  But also, there is a sort of Mursi folk saying that goes something like:  “We do not want to kill an adversary, we want to kill the quarrel.”

I think that is brilliant.  Also, it indicates that just because a people might not be technologically advanced  they are not necessarily primitive in regard to wisdom and understanding.  If only our own leaders were a little more focused on “killing the quarrel”, times might be very different.


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