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Here’s a very interesting project that was posted to Craig Selizer’s blog, and I thought I would pass it on (I was once a struggling researcher trying to get people to participate in my research project 🙂 ).  By the way, the British Open University has got to be one of the most interesting and successful educational endeavors ever launched.  It put distance education on the map, and is now rated as one of the best universities in the world (note: I said “universities”, not “distance education universities)

Research project “Making space for peace”: Requesting participation

Dear all,

I am conducting research concerning advocacy and public action in peacebuilding with the Open University, and am writing to ask if you or a colleague or contact would be able to spare 30 minutes to contribute. Anyone who has experienced advocacy in peacebuilding can contribute, and by advocacy I mean anything from small community-based organizations challenging armed forces, to literacy programmes enabling people to monitor services or demand rights, to organizational capacity-building, to being consulted by a bilateral agency such as DFID to inform their bilateral lobbying, and everything inbetween.

By collating a broad range of experiences and perspectives, I aim to assess whether locally-rooted peacebuilding can be supported at larger scales for a broader impact, and generate guidelines for large organizations regarding the use of locally-led peacebuilding. I feel this is a promising area, and I’d be extremely grateful if I could broaden my research with your experiences.

The research is entitled “Making space for peace: The interplay of power and public action in sustainable peacebuilding”. It looks at how public action and advocacy interact with coercive power, legitimacy and the sustainability of peacebuilding. In future research I hope to establish evidence of broader benefits.

Respondents can contribute via 25 minute on-line questionnaire or 35 minute interview, at any time during August or early September at the respondent’s convenience. (If you can provide documents, I can pre-populate the questionnaire and give you a username and password, further reducing these times.) I will be conducting analysis with the assistance of my tutor Professor Liz Thomas during September, and distributing findings mid-October. I promise to respect the confidentiality of responses and, if desired, I’d be delighted to talk through or provide a summary report on the outcomes of my research.

The questionnaire is available on-line now at www.advocacyforpeace.com , or please call or message me with any comments or queries, or to make arrangements.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and to consider my request.

Yours sincerely
Chris Preager
Open University


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