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Ah, globalization and (literal) translation!  I have come across with increasing frequency the term “conflictology” (even my spell checker rebels against it 🙂 ).  Go ahead, google it yourself.

This is not a term used often (at least in the past) by native English speakers.  However, as more and more non-native speakers are involved in subjects related to peace and conflict resolution (which is an excellent thing in itself), we see more and more use of the word.  Apparently the equivalent is used in many other languages, and by virtue of being directly translated by people who speak those languages, it is coming into use in English.

Anyhow, here is some explanation of the term, complete with English language issues (I thought that would be appropriate in the circumstances).  It is from the site of a journal published by the Campus for Peace of the Open University of Catalonia (Spain).

“Conflictology is the synonym for Conflicts’ Resolution, Conflicts’ Transformation, Conflicts’ Mediation or Management, Peace Studies, Irenologia, Peace Culture and other similar denominations. In fact, Conflictology is the compilation of knowledge of those abilities that the Human Kind has gathered in its persistent attempt to understand and solve violence, war, crisis and the relationshipand coexistence conflicts by using scientific knowledge and technological abilities and excluding any violent way or method, in its widest sense.”

IGbarb says:  “That sounds ok, but personally I have to admit I prefer ‘Irenology’ ”


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