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I know I’ve probably said this before, but with time I am more and more convinced that the most important area of peace studies and peace praxis is really peace education.  I don’t mean to dismiss or disparage any other aspect, but at the end of the day you have to change the way people think about violence, war, peace and conflict and to me that means education (at all levels).   I can’t see any other long term solution to the various problems we have today.  I don’t mean to suggest this really simplifies things, since so much has to be defined and designed if you want to have an effective program of peace education, but it does provide a focus and that, in itself, is very important.

So, in this spirit, have a look at this excellent little video from Teachers without Borders:


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  1. Education and information are taking place like never before outside educational institutions per se, so I would say it is a matter of learning (not only of formal education). Peace education could come up with interesting things, but it will have to inform basic educational systems at a very general level in order for formal education to have an impact in terms of peace. And even then, there are some strong theories affirming that formal education does not create but rather only reflects social change – a sort of status-quo dispositif. It certainly is an interesting question of how a system of education geared for peace would look, compared to one aimed at matching the labor market, or to one directed to aim for economic profitability/low costs?

    Comment by filip | November 6, 2010 | Reply

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