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The new HDI is now out! (Cool!)


The 2010 Human Development Index is out


with amazing improvements especially with Sierraleone and many other states.I earlier in the week tried to link Peace,Development to the various indicies like the Mo Ibrahim Report,Transparency International’s Report.This too gives a direct relationship between the development determinants.The Report is also about how the human development approach can adjust to meet the challenges of the new millennium.While i do believe the challenges that lie ahead as put accross by the report especially Climate Change on the other hand the challenge of creating stability in most of the poor performing countries is avery big issue.Reasons being Human security and the desire for freedom from want can be achieved and is directly linked to stability of institutions and structures.”


This is one of a number of new(er) measures for, for lack of a better term, “real” human progress.  As more and more people are coming to understand, just using GDP or GDP per capita as a measure of “development” is far from adequate.  Even looking at GDP and taking account of income distribution (something called the GINI index can do that) is not adequate because that doesn’t tell you anything about what actually gets done (or not done) with the wealth generated in a society.  The HDI tries to address that…and as I bet you are suspecting already, the higher a country is on the HDI the better prospects for peace it has (ceteris paribus).

IGbarb says:  “Just another example of “if you want the right answers you have to ask the right questions”.


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