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An interesting new blog (with an interesting post)

Here is a new blog by Zarrin Caldwell called “Models of Unity”.  More specifically, have a look at this nice post on “Good Water Neighbors”.  Here is a “blurb” to peak your interest:

“When one thinks of places like the Jordan River Valley, Biblical images of abundant, clean waters, fertile farmlands, and lush vegetation may come to mind. Today’s reality, however, is very different. Conflict in this region has meant that Israel, Jordan, and Syria have all played their part in diverting water and building dams to maximize their own benefits. As a result, the Jordan River’s volume is down by 98%. And, a significant portion of what is left now includes residential sewage, fish pond effluents, and agricultural run off.  In light of this reality—and the knowledge that conflict was causing long-term damage to a sensitive ecosystem— The “Good Water Neighbors (GWN)” project was established by Friends of the Earth-Middle East in 2001. While the aim was to raise awareness of the shared water problems of Palestinians, Jordanians, and Israelis, a community-based design has also brought together hundreds of people from diverse social, economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds to search for solutions”

IGbarb says:  “Check it out!”



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