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A.U. Summer Program

Check out the program described below.  If you have been following this blog you know that I find the emergence and multiplication of such training programs a very positive sign for the emergence of peace on our planet.  After all, if we want to achieve something we need to get serious about it, and getting serious involves, among other things, seriously training people do what needs to be done.  American University is a leader in this field, and I personally recognize several of the people listed:  they are among the best known and qualified.  The program also has some scholarships available, which is another important point since people from poorer countries (where unfortunately many of the worst conflicts happen) need the training as much as anybody else.
IGbarb says:  “Well done A.U. (in fact one of my alma maters)!”
2011 Professional Training Program in Peacebuilding and Development, Call for Applications, American University, Washington DC

2011 Professional Training Program in
Peacebuilding and Development

May 9th-27th – Washington, DC, USA

Register Today!

WHAT does American University offer?

Each summer the Peacebuilding & Development Institute (PDI) at American University offers a series of practical, skills-based training courses for professionals working in the non-profit, private, and government sector on the overlapping topics of development, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding. The courses blend cutting-edge techniques from the field with theoretical underpinnings in order to provide a comprehensive training experience.

Go to http://www.american.edu/sis/pdi/Summer-Inst-Registration.cfm to download the registration forms today!

Registration is open to all interested professionals and scholars.

WHY the Training Program?

The following are just a few reasons to join the summer institute:

  • Supplement your previous experience by expanding your practical skills in program design, negotiation, M&E, conflict analysis, gender-inclusion, youth and more.
  • Collaborate and network with NGO, government, and private sector practitioners from 30+ countries.
  • Engage the Washington, DC community
  • Share previous lessons and experiences in open, interactive training sessions

WHO attends the Training Program?

In 2010, more than 100 foreign aid practitioners, civil society leaders, and others in the peacebuilding, development, and humanitarian response fields gathered for the Professional Training Program. These practitioners came to Washington, DC from 40 different countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, DRC, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Colombia, and Pakistan. Graduate students from the DC area also attend the Training Program.

WHEN is the Training Program, WHAT COURSES are available and WHAT is the COST?
There are three weeks of courses which occur Monday through Friday during May 9-27, 2011. There is also a course on the weekend of May 20-22, Friday evening through Sunday. The weekend course is being offered for the discounted price of $400 while all other classes are being offered for $735 during the week (travel, room and board are not included). Additionally, partial scholarships are available to early applicants.

The following are a list of the courses starting in May 2011:
Week I: Monday May 9- Friday May 13, 2011
Religion & Culture in Conflict Resolution
Mohammed Abu-Nimer – 9am-5pm

Human Rights Advocacy & Peacebuilding
Julie Mertus – 9am-5pm

Linking Conflict, Aid & Development
Michelle Garred – 9am-5pm
Week II: Monday May 16- Friday May 20, 2011
Peace Education in Conflict Zones
Barbara Wien & Rachel McKinney – 9am-5pm

Program Design: Planning Projects for Measurable Peacebuilding & Development Impact
Michael Gibbons & Tom Lent – 9am-5pm

Communications and Media for Peacebuilding
Lena Slachmuijlder, Ratiba Taouti-Cherif & Nick Oatley – 9am-5pm

Weekend Course: Friday May 20 –Sunday May 22, 2011
Inclusive Security: Expanding Participation of
Women in Peace Processes
Miki Jacevic – Friday 6-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm

Week Three: Monday May 23- Friday May 27, 2011
Managing Humanitarian Operations in Conflict Areas
Bill Hyde & Steve Hansch – 9am-5pm

Youth Participation in Peacebuilding
Mark Hamilton – 9am-5pm

Monitoring & Evaluation as a Learning Discipline
Carolyne Ashton – 9am-5pm

For more information on specific courses, please visit: http://www.american.edu/sis/pdi/Summer-Inst-Course-Description.cfm.


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