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I am passing on this post in toto simply because I had never heard of this organization (ie We, The World), and it looks very interesting.  Be sure to check out the Desmond Tutu video on the “We, The World” homepage (link below)



Pass It Forward Conflict Resolution Meetings underway globally

Pass it Forward

More than 200 countries worldwide have representation in the global philosophy of “Pass It Forward.”  The purpose of “Pass It Forward” (PIF) is promoting peaceful solutions to life’s dilemas and challenges, according to Arlan Berglas, the Executive Director of We, The World & the Director of Global Development for World Peace OneA United Worldand the United World Games.  “This philosophy may be applied to any situation.  As few as two people can come together, sharing similar interests, and looking ahead to solve issues – with compassion and mutual respect.

A Pass It Forward meeting brings people together who share mutual interests.  They may bring pertinent issues to the forefront, and go forward in practical discussion.  By recognizing the present status of a situation, they may agree upon a more equitable, fair, and balanced solution.  This is accomplished by always looking ahead to improve status quo of the subject at hand — and always showing respect and compassion toward the other participants.

The Pass It Forward philosophy is constructive and successful in it’s goals, which are to reach amicable solutions.  Each individual’s point of view on a matter is valid.  Remember:  Proceed with awareness of the Six Pillars of Character — showing respect, fairness, caring, and being responsible, trustworthy, and a good citizen.

PIF encounters ultimately find non-violent solutions to problems with this new level of collective consciousness.  Participants must be willing to work together, amicably, toward a common goal.  Negativity will not be tolerated as it counters the very meaning of the “Pass It Forward” movement and does not promote positive accomplishment.

PIF pursues peace by bringing together families, communities, and nations, to work collaboratively toward maximizing peaceful solutions, while achieving a global interdependent community.  This vibrational level of consciousness is key to creating a paradigm shift that adjusts and accommodates global peace.

This global awareness consists of individuals, groups and organizations who are publishers of peace by volunteering their talents and gifts to help make the world a better place.


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