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Peace in the Park

Check out the Balkans Peace Park project.

Here’s a little info from the site to let you know what is going on:


The idea of a ‘Peace Park’ is not new. The first one was created at Morokulian between Norway and Sweden in 1914, at a time of great tension between those countries. A permanent monument to peace was built and inaugurated in the same year. The Waterton Glacier USA/Canada park is celebrating its 75 anniversary in 2007. The IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), based in Switzerland, has listed over 600 ‘transboundary protected areas’ which straddle international boundaries. Some of these have a specific dedication to peace and cooperation between nations. Notable peace parks in the world include:

Morokulian: Sweden/ Norway
Waterton Glacier: USA/Canada
Parque La Amistad: Costa Rica/Panama
Cordillera del Condor: Peru/Ecuador
Limpopo: South Africa/Mozambique

A peace park is being developed between North and South Korea

The Karelian peace park on the borders of Finland and Russia

A romantic definition

An area of wild, beautiful landscape between two or more countries where visitors, local people and wildlife can move on foot in complete freedom, unimpeded by frontiers, border posts and landmines.

Technical definition

Parks for Peace are transboundary protected areas that are formally dedicated to the protection and maintenance of biological diversity, and of natural and associated cultural resources, and to the promotion of peace and cooperation.”


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