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The Transition from cad-productions.org on Vimeo.

The Transition From post conflict
to early recovery Produced by CAD Productions and UNDP Liberia

Director: Fernando Casado
Art Director: Mari Paz Montecinos
Director of Footage and Edition: Ramon Vila
Producer: Philippe Jochaud
Images that change the world is the slogan of Cad Productions, a social documentary film production company. our work is focused on giving a voice to all communities, particularly those who have difficulties in making themselves heard. With our films we denounce and raise awareness on social injustices all over the world, especially in developing countries.

During Liberia’s 14-year civil war, 800,000 Liberians were displaced and an estimated 270,000 were killed. Thousands were sexually abused and the fabric of society was greatly undermined. Destruction to the nation’s infrastructure and economy was immense. The election of Africa’s first female president was a major milestone in Liberia’s journey from the desperation and brutality of war towards peace, prosperity and human rights for all.This documentary narrates the story of the efforts of Liberian people and institutions to drive the country from conflict to development and social justice.

more info: www.cad-productions.org


The Transition from cad-productions.org on Vimeo.


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