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This year ,world peace is given one more chance with a new heartwarming bottom-up global peace initiative that launches worldwide, MasterPeace project comes as a result of an intensive East-West cooperation, supported by NGOs, companies, cities, social entrepreneurs and you.

With the increasing number of wars, conflict fugitives, heavily women and children abuse, human rights and democracy being severely under pressure, and the realisation of the UN Millennium Development Goals to revive our dreams of a united world and giving peace a real chance.

To achieve its goals MasterPeace will develop several attractive peace-building projects, expand innovative and bottom-up campaigns including a mesmerizing one of the biggest concerts ever to be in Cairo on Peace Day 2014, where artists from all the world’s major conflict areas will perform to promote togetherness, international collaboration and the reduction of (armed) conflicts.

Mohamed Helmy the project manager who had his name gloriously attached with creating other successful events such Dance4life said “We are dedicated to put MUSIC above FIGHTING, DIALOGUE above JUDGEMENT, BREAD above BOMBS and CREATION above DESTRUCTION”.

As the MasterPeace community is growing worldwide, bigger innovative movement of artists, activists, journalists, cities, companies and members from civil society,who believe that world peace is possible, are joining on board, as they try to push for action through music, art, sport, and new media, including encouraging positive dialogue, togetherness and social sustainability from small local neighborhoods to large conflict areas, worldwide.

The concert will be an exclusive reward for people who actively supported peace-building activities in the years before Peace Day 2014. Activities Along with appealing opportunities for peace building from Peace Day 2011 onwards and wide range of small community and reconciliation projects up to ground breaking digital and artistic international collaboration, to finally by 20.14 mobilizing 20 million people worldwide to ’embrace’ the 14 most terrible conflicts and promote their possible solutions: Connectivity, Positivity, Peace-building and Reduction of weaponry and armed conflicts.

Ilco van der Linde MasterPeace founder, Co-founder & International Ambassador at dance4life explained that the “Millions of people have to endure a destructive and ongoing conflict in their private life, so in order to make the MasterPeace dreams true your action is needed. We invite you to become co-owner of MasterPeace so why should we wait on others, while we can be powerful beyond t for this purpose”.




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