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A seminar you don’t see everyday

This looks like a very good idea…I used to say “follow the money” and it would be cool if “the money” started leading to peace (for a change).

eSeminar on Business and Peace

We have just concluded the first phase of the USIP/GWU eSeminar on Business and Peace, which has focused on questions relating to the business and peace nexus.   Over the past three days, roughly 400 participants from 55 countries have discussed the linkages between business activity and peace promotion and highlighted ways in which business activity could be part of the solution (and not the problem) in conflict-affected regions.  Some contributors posited that the type of business matters, explaining how particular business practices and activity in some sectors (especially extractive industries) could trigger and/or fuel violent conflict.

From today, 17th March, through next Tuesday, 22nd March, we will be discussing creative and effective strategies to overcome challenges in fragile and conflict-affected regions.  Some of these challenges include poor infrastructure, a war economy, weak human capital, corruption and ineffective policy/regulatory frameworks.  We invite you to share your thoughts about prudent approaches that businesses could consider.  Personal experiences and case studies are especially helpful.  The second discussion is just getting started here.  As with the first discussion, in order to make comments, you must have an account with the website.  If you do not already have an account, you can register here.

We look forward to your contributions to this debate over the next few days.   Although we have transitioned to the second of three questions we will be considering during this two week eSeminar, the discussion thread for Question 1 will remain open and you could still contribute to that debate.  Our moderators and expert commentators are available to respond to any questions you may have.


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