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Toward more/better early warning

This is a very important topic.  The “smart money” in conflict resolution has to be on “early warning” since the best approach to conflict is to stop it before it starts.  Why?  Well, because the cost of a serious violent conflict  ( ie lives and material) is just too high…and it takes forever to “get over” one.  The E.U. has been ahead of others by trying to do something in regard to EW…but more (probably much more) remains to be done to make the system work.



Early warning and conflict prevention

New publication on early warning and conflict prevention:

Walk the Talk
The EU needs an effective early warning system to match its ambitio…

Authors: Lucia Montanaro and Julia Schünemann

This paper argues that given the EU’s global ambitions in conflict prevention and peacebuilding, a number of changes are necessary to improve the EU early warning and response system. The reforms of the Lisbon Treaty and the establishment of the EEAS do not go far enough: The scattered strands of the EU early warning system need to be woven together so that the EU can be cost effective and maximise its potential impact. The current system suffers from weaknesses in the production, communication, warning receptivity and disconnects between its early warning and early action. This paper identifies the key constraints to an effective system and suggests ways to overcome them.



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