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Sounds “shifty” to me

I just came across the “World Peace One” site and their movie project “The Shift”.  This merits some attention I think–check out the “cast”.  There are also a few indicative videos near the bottom of the page.


The SHIFT Movie

A Love Story About You, Me and All of Us Committed to our Collective Future

A feature theatrical transformational documentary

September 11, 2011 – Global Shift in Consciousness Day!

Film Synopsis

A massive worldwide phenomenon is in progress, sowing seeds of great hope for our collective future. Millions of individuals, as well as hundreds of organizations and corporations around the world, are waking up and embracing a new outlook with an emphasis on their responsibility to contribute positively to our collective future. We are in the midst of the biggest social transformation in human history, THE SHIFT.

The SHIFT, a feature length documentary film at the helm of a multiplatform global brand, is here to present a story of hope for a new world -one being born out of a decaying planet and an unsustainable paradigm of human behavior. This film sheds light on the beauty and magnificence of the human spirit, revealing itself in empowering ways all over the globe with messages of oneness, actions of love, courage and generosity, and passion for healing and peace.

The most visible face of THE SHIFT is the global environmental movement. However, this evolutionary phenomenon is broader and deeper. It involves our very understanding of who we are as human beings, and our responsibility to the world and to life itself.

THE SHIFT is the first feature film to reveal the proactive role we are now playing in the evolutionary shift of our collective consciousness. As it chronicles the faces, the stories, and the leaders assisting in this social transformation, the film reveals the phenomenon’s emergence and profound meaning.

This film includes global leaders, thinkers, scientists and futurists, as well as ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things. It includes recognizable, respected names such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, “What the Bleep” filmmaker-William Arntz, Paul Hawken, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jane Goodall, Brian Swimme,Eurythmics musician Dave Stewart, microfinance genius Mohammed Yunis just to name a few. Celebrity activists in discussion include George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Martin Sheen, Jim Carey, Madonna, Susan Sarandon, Cameron Diaz among several others. And there is an amazing group of youth activists that include Mandela’s grandson, Cezda Dlamini, Derrick Ashong and star of “New World” (Pochahantas role), Qorianka Kilcher.

Created by a talented and seasoned group of filmmakers, shot in HD (top rated High Definition), the people and stories that are SHIFTING our world light up the screen in a visually stunning presentation with a fast paced, multi-story format. Scored by award winning composers, the music will take you on a journey that will magnify the emotional impact of its heart-opening content.”


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