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How I finished (at least the first draft :-) )

Here’s how the chapter I’ve been working on ends:

“The sweeping and fundamental changes necessary for world peace have often been described as “utopian”, meaning they represent an unattainable state of perfection in social life.  However, this pessimistic attitude toward the possibility of peace stems from a misunderstanding of human nature and history, and that, rather than being at odds with the true nature of the human person, social change toward peace in our age represents the truest expression of the human spirit.  Thus, the pursuit of peace and unity is not utopian but realistic, in that it accords completely with human individual and collective needs.  The insights gained into peace-building through needs analysis, and the possibilities for re-humanizing and healing created by reconciliation support this alternative view of the human condition.

It would be naïve to suggest that a power politics and power oriented approach to ending contemporary conflicts does not still dominate contemporary practice.  However, it would be also strangely myopic to deny that the dominant mode leaves many issues unaddressed.  For instance, it is clear that some peace agreements and settlements prove to be more long lasting while others fall apart relatively quickly.   While several factors come into play, ceteris paribus those agreements which have tried to go further to address the concerns discussed above have had a better chance of succeeding.  While, clearly, there are no guarantees of success, or short cuts to a new social order, taking the whole person and the whole society into account, is at least, the right place to start.”


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