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You have probably heard about this.  Here’s a little teaser:

“Sarkozy told reporters that he and Merkel want a “true European economic government” that would consist of the heads of state and government of all eurozone nations.

The new body would meet twice a year — and more in times of crisis — and be led initially by EU President Herman Van Rompuy for a 2 1/2-year term. After that, Sarkozy suggested, it could be opened up to other heads of states and government.”

This is very interesting, and it confirms what I have always suspected:  the “Eurozone” would need to also be a “Eurogovernance zone” if it was to survive.  Some years ago Flannery O’Connor wrote a compilation of short stories entitled “All that rises much converge” (and I highly recommend you read the story of the same title), and I have always thought that phrase nicely summarized much of what is happening in our era.  Here, for instance, while nobody is in a hurry to create a European (or global, for that matter) “superstate”, still there are many benefits in having a common currency and one economy.  This worked fine as long as there was smooth sailing, but when the turbulence of global finance started to seriously rock the boat the “governance deficit” in the European economic system became more and more obvious (I won’t go into the details).  So, even if most might not yet be ready to follow Nico and Angie, it is very significant that these two prominent leaders of major European powers should even suggest such a thing.

Again, it seems to me that Europe is a very good case study and model for what the whole world is experiencing…ie the problems of integration and how to go about solving them.  Remember, that whatever you might think about the EU, it has, for all practical purposes eliminated war among its members, and that is no mean achievement.  Economic integration is probably the main engine behind this.  And here we see that there is definitely some “spillover” from the economic toward the political.

IGbarb says:  “Onward, upward and closer together!”


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