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Karate Kid: Personal observations

I just saw the re-make of Karate Kid which I thought was an interesting improvement (in at least in some ways) on the original .  Of course, if you knew the original you could sort of predict how the new film’s plot was going to go (after making some adjustments for it taking place in China, of course 🙂 ).

Ok…some personal background.  I was a year ahead in school, which meant that I was (at least) a year behind getting to puberty.  So, to make a long story short, I got bullied quite a bit.  It was awful…I was frequently humiliated, etc…Oft told tale…sigh.  The point is that this made me sort of a sucker for films where the bullies get put down, one way or another.  I think I became aware of how these films affected me when I was watching a re-run of the original KK in a London hotel room, some years ago.

Anyhow, it would be untrue to say that I  don’t have this feeling anymore, and I have to admit that I still very much liked seeing the bad karate kids get beaten in the newer movie.  However, this time there was something else.  I was just a bit appalled by the level of violence in the film, particularly given the age of the children.  The first movie was dealing with adolescents; these kids are pre-adolescents.  The first fight scene, where the “best” bad KK beats up pour defenseless, but very brave, Dre to a pulp is so violent as to be unrealistic.  Basically, Dre should have been dead, or in a coma.  Also, the level of violence tolerated in the tournament at the end is much more extreme than in the first film.  I wonder what the Chinese thought of this image of their country.

So, what I’m trying to say here is that the new film put me off as  much as it gratified my personal hunger to see bullies stopped.  In fact, the movie got me wondering about the perennial issues of violence in cinema and what is necessary to get the public’s attention in our violence soaked times.  Do we really have to see twelve year olds trying to break each other’s limbs to get involved with the characters and the theme of the movie?  Also, while I liked the character of Dre’s mother, and even if one concedes she might have something of a “street” background, what mother is going to sit still and let her little boy (not yet a young man) get the bloody hell beat out of him by a “gang” of violence drugged crazies whose motto is “no pity”?  That was pushing it a bit, I think…but, after all,  it wasn’t a documentary 🙂 .

So, I guess I am more sensitive to these issues, and at the same time, the level of ambient violence seems to have gone up a notch (or two, or three).  I wonder what the third re-make will be like 😦 .

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Some reasonable view of Apocalypse 2010

I was just having a quick look at a SyFy documentary on the “end of the world” scenarios for next year.  I have not been following this subject overly closely–when you get to be my age you have already been through several “end of the world” dates.  However, I was interested to see that near the end (of the program, not the world 🙂 ) there were commentators saying that maybe what Nostradamus and the Mayans were on about was not the physical destruction of our planet and/or our civilization, but more abstractly the end of an era.  This makes much more sense to me for a number of reasons.

First, the changes are already well underway and whatever happens (or doesn’t happen) next year would probably “just” give them a big boost.  Personally, as readers of this blog have probably deduced, I think we are much farther along the way to a “new world order” than most people yet seem to grasp.  The indications that the basic elements of a true planetary civilization are clearly discernible are too numerous to sum up here.  However, one can make a case for a “tipping point”, for a combination of events and tendencies that push us “over the top” so to speak.  This may well be at least in part catastrophic.  Certainly many recent catastrophies (whether largely natural or largely man made) have highlighted the degree to which our collective ability to cope with the rapidly multiplying challenges of our era is simply not adequate.  Looking at what passes for politics in our times, I can’t see this problem being solved in the very short run, unless there is a very significant, large scale “kick in the rear” to our normal ways of doing things.  This could be almost anything–though some people’s favorite scenario of the aliens showing up to make us all world citizens seems just a touch far fetched to me (after all, we haven’t reached light speed yet–obscure reference to all you Star Trek fans).

So, to conclude, while it would be very naive to suggest that more pain is not necessary to get us  on the way to true fulfillment on this planet, I really do think it is more likely that all the prophecies point more to an ever clearer break with the past and a much broader consciousness of that break than to “the end of everything that stands”.  In what direction you ask?  Well, as I mentioned recently “everything that rises must converge”.

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